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Feb 23rd, 2018 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

Kurt Farquhar

Hello, Today I'll be interviewing Kurt Farquhar, who composed music to such projects as ABC's Stitchers and The CW's Black Lightning. I'll discuss his career, his background, some of his music projects as well as some of the great music for his career!

It's all today on Soundtrack Alley

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Feb 9th, 2018 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am


Hello, Today on Soundtrack Alley, I've got Kristen Romanelli from Film Score Monthly. We will discuss Back to the Future from 1985! We will talk about the cast, the background, our favorite moments, and of course the score by Alan Silvestri. Let's go Back in Time!

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Here is a link to Film Score Monthly

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Feb 2nd, 2018 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

princess bride

Today on Soundtrack Alley I've got Darrin and Ruth Sutherland of the RaD Adventure Network with me as we discuss The Princess Bride. We will discuss the cast, the background, the technical aspects on the film as well as the wonderful score by Mark Knopfler! It's all today so enjoy!

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Jan 26th, 2018 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

kaveh and michael

Today on Soundtrack Alley, I'll be interviewing Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen about their careers, background, scoring on Forza 7 and 6 as well as Ninja Tracks. It's all today on Soundtrack Alley

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