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Dec 15th, 2017 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

Return to Oz

Come with me today on a journey to a far away land. The land of Oz is in trouble and Dorothy and her friends are the only ones to return it to its former wonder and awe! Enter the land of Oz again with me as I talk about the cast, background, technical aspects and of course the wonderous score to the film Return to Oz. I'll also want to share with you my intro by Alexander Schiebel at I hope you all can enjoy the journey with me. So Happy Listening!

Dec 8th, 2017 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

Carlos Rafael Rivera

Today on Soundtrack Alley I'll be interviewing Carlos Rafael Rivera. I'll discuss his composing career, his previous projects and more. Also enjoy the music that I share as well. Also enjoy the intro from Alexander Schiebel and enjoy his projects at

So Happy Listening!

Dec 1st, 2017 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

Princess Mononoke

Today on Soundtrack Alley, I'll be discussing four fantastic films by Hayao Miyazaki. I'll discuss Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind; Castle in the Sky; Princess Mononoke; and Porco Rosso. I hope you enjoy the interaction I have with the different films. I'll talk about the cast, the technical aspects as regards to the animation as well as the wonderful score. Also check out Alexander Schiebel's theme he composed for me. Check out his work at

Happy Listening!

Nov 24th, 2017 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am


Today on Soundtrack Alley, I've got Ruth and Darrin Sutherland on with me as we talk about the film Ladyhawke. We will discuss the cast, the background, the tech aspects as well as the glorious score by Andrew Powell. Also, enjoy my intro by Alexander Schiebel. You can check out his work at

Nov 17th, 2017 by soundtrackalley at 7:00 am

bat murderer

So today, I've got Chris Karnes with me as we will be discussing The Bat Murderer. Before that happens though, I'll be interviewing Alexander Schiebel who has composed music for samples, and of course the score to The Bat Murderer. He also composed the Brand New Intro to Soundtrack Alley! It's all Today!